Manpower services

SCS takes the responsibility for managing non-core staff of your company. Our customers enjoy the opportunity to minimize the costs and focus on core activities.

Ships Catering Supply provides a wide range of personnel outsourcing services:

  1. Sourcing and provision of personnel
  2.  Management of human resources
  3. Providing accommodation to non-residents
  4. Training and onboarding of employees in compliance with Customer’s standards

Your benefits:

  • Financial losses and liability are minimized.
  • Organizational list of your core specialists is enhanced and employees turnover reduced
  • Outsourcing allows for engagement of specialists on temporary or seasonal basis
  • We take care of all HR related issues: training and recruitment of personnel, filling in non-popular vacancies, communicating with personnel, dismissal of personnel, etc.
  • Option to make tough decisions on personnel-related issues where such decisions are necessary for successful operations.
  • Outsourcing provides for reduction of expenses, as relations with employees are based on lease terms rather than labor contracts.