Catering Services

Ships Catering Supply operates full-service canteens at industrial facilities of any complexity, including those in remote locations.

We provide corporate catering services and arrange logistic support and storage of necessary products and materials. We can also provide all the necessary equipment and stocks for the Customer’s production premises. We equip work places of kitchen workers in compliance with applicable standards and requirements as to stream-lining and efficiency of production processes. We offer waitstaff services as an option.

SCS handles catering during VIP visits and business events, and provides off-premise catering services.

Menus for various facilities and events are developed on the individual basis with due account of all Customer’s requirements.

Our strong points:

  1. ISO22000 Quality Management System
  2. Development of individual menus for Customers
  3. Team of experienced professionals
  4. Arranging off-premise catering
  5. Arranging topical events and corporate parties
  6. Design and construction of foodservice outlets