Construction and maintenance of a camp and a canteen in the EXPO-2017 area in Astana.


Kazakhstan, Astana, EXPO 2017.


In 2014 Ships Catering Supply provided assembly and construction services for the rotation camp in Astana (CONTAINEX modular construction) with its further operation as part of preparation for EXPO 2017 International Exhibition.

Construction of the camp premises with a total area of 1,354 sq. m. involved installation of the water supply system, installation of ventilation system, fire alarm system, Internet and telephone cable laying, roof installation, site improvement, road construction and asphalt paving, parking lot construction and landscaping.

Activities in a 474 sq. m. canteen involved design and installation of kitchen equipment, installation of electrical mains, water supply and sewage systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Period of service: 


Specific features of the project:

Decisions made:We got our first experience in turn-key construction and further operation of a rotation camp.